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Clean slate, clean mind

Those of you wandering this way, whether getting re-acquainted or popping in for the first time, through the new season of LJ Idol (WOOHOOO SEASON 10!!).. I have put all of my past work behind a screen for now. Eventually, I will begin pulling things out and dusting them off, but I wanted to start this season with no preconceived notions, no falling back on old ways... just dusting off the old story factory up there and letting it rip.

This is not a new journal, but you won't find anything much about me just now. I hope that during this contest my writings will be judged solely on their merit and not by the past, good or bad. :) This doesn't just mean by you. I am shutting them away from my looksies as well. I don't want to lean on the past. I am afraid I might second guess myself if the body of my Idol entries (in the 50s I think) are there for me to compare the current work. I'm a different person than that first LJ Idol in which I participated (I believe my first season was Season 2... 2007).

So here I am, remade.. replenished. Older, wiser and perhaps more driven. I am really looking forward to this challenge. Time is NOT on my side, ever. I live in chaos. This should be an interesting stretch.

Good luck to us all! I look forward with great anticipation to reading the offerings this season. I will be adding all the contestants to my friends list. It helps me keep track. Don't worry, I'm not a weird stalky type. :)

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