lilmissmagic71 (lilmissmagic71) wrote,

LJIdol 10: Topic 14: Campfire Stories

we touched the skies

while walking in clay

greedy for every step

on trails beyond

our familiar terrain in

urban landscapes

we marched along

paths unseen by human eye

for decades past

and shared together

the secrets that come from

complicit silence

lying in darkness

couched in beds of denial

shadows dancing in flickering light

philosophical fortresses

providing illusory security from

tangible danger

we walked in forests

towering with questions

bending in winds of change

hardly speaking

finding profound meaning in

mundane words

we cast blankets

on hillsides and filled them

with portable feasts

but hoarded our loaves

and fishes from the

hungry masses

all the while others

strode in blood-soaked fields

facing their unknown fates

under uncaring skies

bearing the suffering with

resolved hearts

when paths cross where

hills and roads give way

to alleys of forgotten travelers

they huddle for warmth

around blazing drums that feed

familiar monsters

one by one they speak

their bold narratives as they

rub their hands over flames

which pop and spark and rise

to the very skies that reduce them to

campfire stories

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