lilmissmagic71 (lilmissmagic71) wrote,

LJIdol 10: Topic 15: Patchwork Heart

LJ Idol 10: Topic 15: Patchwork Heart

There's something about my heart

that has always needed mending.

So many hands over time

have been responsible for it's tattered state.

Some stretched it beyond it's capacity,

rending pieces away...

others carefully stitched lines with zigzag love.

Time has offered layers of batting

as well as the wear and tear of misuse and neglect

... and more than one reason

to use it for rags and let it go for scraps.

I've often given it to a seeming master tailor

only to find I've laid work to novice hands.

Over time, patterns and textures merged, blended...

stripes with dots... plaids and solids...

a quilt of ill placed trust chased with threads of optimism.

Still, I wear it, weathered and torn,

on my sleeve for all to see.

The cost has been high, the style passe.

Taking up the needle myself,

challenged with threading one

in the midst of storms, my fingers bleed

with every missed attempt.

My eyes weaken in the dark

and I struggle to keep my seams straight.

But on I sew, no longer trusting bumbling hands,

taking credit for every stitch in this perfectly flawed

patchwork heart.

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